Granite Post Options has provided quality granite posts with mailboxes and service to thousands of New England customers. Using the finest materials, highly skilled craftsmen, professional installers, Granite Post Options has earned the reputation for having the best quality craftmanship. Often the first impression of your home, your mailbox post and lantern post is a perfect opportunity to enhance your property and neighborhood.
Gray Granite Post 6” X 6” X 7’   - • Black Cast Aluminum Mailbox with Stainless Steel Hinges and Black Mounting Bracket
wheat Granite Post with copper Mailbox and copper #125 mounting bracket
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Wheat Granite Post
6” X 6” X 7’

Cast Aluminum Mailbox with Stainless Steel Hinges

Colors Available:
Copper only

Available Caps:
Black Iron & Copper

Mounting Bracket:
#125 Black or Copper Bracket


iron cap
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copper cap
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black bracket
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copper bracket
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Mailbox Color
Mounting Bracket
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