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Granite Post Options has provided quality granite posts with mailboxes and service to thousands of New England customers. Using the finest materials, highly skilled craftsmen, professional installers, Granite Post Options has earned the reputation for having the best quality craftmanship. Often the first impression of your home, your mailbox post and lantern post is a perfect opportunity to enhance your property and neighborhood.

Placement of your New Post(s)
There are federal (Post Office) and usually town regulations that may determine placement of your post(s). There are two Post Office regulations to which we adhere when the mailbox is in a different place than original: The following are exact quotes from the USPS website:

           “You should install the mailbox with the bottom of the box at a vertical height of between 41 - 45 inches
             from the road surface, unless you have a road or curb condition that prevents this. If you do, be sure
             to contact the postmaster before you change your mailbox location.“

            “Your mailbox should be set back 6 to 8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge
              to the mailbox door.“

The local regulations may not be a written ordinance, but it is the customer’s responsibility to check with the local municipalities. Obviously, if the post is replacing an existing and the new post(s) are being installed in the same exact hole, it can be assumed that this location is acceptable. BUT, assumptions are the responsibility of the customer

It is highly recommended that a homeowner be present when the post is being installed. If you are not able to be home and the post is being installed in a new location, then the spot must be marked with a stake or a spray painted “X.” The middle of the post will be installed where the hole was left by the stake or at the center of the “X.”

Mailbox posts will be installed facing the street, unless otherwise instructed. There are times when the box is mounted perpendicular to the street if snow plows are a problem. Lamp posts will be installed at an angle most attractive to the property, but that setting will be the discretion of the installer unless the home owner is there to direct. Instructions by an at-home responsible person is desired. Please coordinate your install with the installer prior to the day of install.

Please be aware that no post will be moved without a $200 cost prepaid.

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