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Granite Post Options has provided quality granite posts with mailboxes and service to thousands of New England customers. Using the finest materials, highly skilled craftsmen, professional installers, Granite Post Options has earned the reputation for having the best quality craftmanship. Often the first impression of your home, your mailbox post and lantern post is a perfect opportunity to enhance your property and neighborhood.


The below map shows the area Granite Post Options services. The installers will call you to let you know what day they will be arriving. If you choose to have numbers laser etched into the post the install will be delayed by a few days.


If you are having the new post installed in a different place than the old post then you need to cal Dig Safe (Dial 811). We will remove the old post, BUT if the old post is in cement then there will a service charge that you will pay during install. ($50: check or cash – no credit cards for in-the-field services.) We will discard the old post if it is a normal single post. (We have seen just about everything people have used to mount a mailbox.)


A Granite Post Options mailbox is never set in cement. It is hard packed. If it is hit you would want the post to fall over and not snap off. That said, we cannot guarantee that if a moving vehicle hits the post that it will not be damaged. But the post will last forever and a cast aluminum box is built stronger than anything on the market today. You will be buying what we call a “Permanent Solution.”


The ground must not be frozen. If you buy a post during the winter months you will be added to an install list that will begin the first day of thawed ground. Please be aware that the Central and Northern sections of the Install Map areas thaw later than the Southern climes.


All posts must be paid in full before they are put on the install calendar. Yes, this will mean that you will be paying for a post and we will have the monies for possibly several months before you actually are able to enjoy the post. You can wait till spring to buy the post, but please be patient while we are installing the posts that were bought over the winter. Reason: Most people want the numbers etched into the post. We cannot etch numbers into a post and then the customer doesn’t pay. If, for example, we etch “193” into a granite post and the customer doesn’t pay, we would need to wait for another customer that lives at 193 on some street in some town.


QUESTIONS: Call 877-2BY-FOUR or e-mail:    Office Hours: M/F 9-5

Installation Zones & Fees Map

Installation Zones & Fees Map

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