Granite Post Options, Massachusetts Granite Post Mail Boxes
Granite Post Options has provided quality granite posts with mailboxes and service to thousands of New England customers. Using the finest materials, highly skilled craftsmen, professional installers, Granite Post Options has earned the reputation for having the best quality craftmanship. Often the first impression of your home, your mailbox post and lantern post is a perfect opportunity to enhance your property and neighborhood.

The lamp posts come with a 1” hole drilled from one end to the other through the middle. The lamp posts come pre-wired with a lamp mount at the top and a covered GFI outdoor outlet mounted about 6” up from ground level. (2’ of all posts go into the ground.)

Post Options does not connect the post wiring to any existing or new wiring. The customer is responsible for all electric connections. Post Options does connect the lamp fixture if bought with the post or supplied by the customer when the post is installed. If the lamp fixture is not presented to the installer during the post install, the customer would be responsible for connecting the fixture.

If there is an existing post that your new granite post is replacing, the customer must have the electric shut off prior to install. If electric is still “alive” when installer arrives, the installer will not install new post. Because the installation will need to be completed during a second visit, therefore, there will be a $200 install/delivery charge paid prior to our next visit.

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