Granite Post Options, Massachusetts Granite Post Mail Boxes
Granite Post Options has provided quality granite posts with mailboxes and service to thousands of New England customers. Using the finest materials, highly skilled craftsmen, professional installers, Granite Post Options has earned the reputation for having the best quality craftmanship. Often the first impression of your home, your mailbox post and lantern post is a perfect opportunity to enhance your property and neighborhood.


No Refunds
All posts are special order. This is not an in-home purchase, which means the 3-day cancel law does not apply. We do not like taking such a hard line with this policy, but we cannot have posts drilled, laser etched and brackets mounted (1 or all) - and then have the order cancelled. The drilled holes for the brackets are a “one time in” mounting. We cannot change the bracket to another size/style, once the holes have been drilled. Also, the numbers are permanently etched deep into the granite. They are permanent. We hope you understand that if you purchase the post - it is yours. We will and have successfully taken customers to Small Claims Court to recover any check that is stopped or credit card that is reversed.

Note from the owner of Post Options:
I would feel guilty selling a product without a guarantee, but I was faced with a dilemma when it came time to decide the length of the guarantee. This is granite. We have all seen old granite posts that were put in 100 to 250 years ago and they still look great. I have come up with a guarantee that I believe to be fair to both you and Post Options. I hope you agree.

The granite post has a limited lifetime guarantee. The post will be guaranteed for as long as the original installed location was not changed by the customer or any future homeowners. The post is guaranteed not to deteriorate, rot or flake. It is understood that that fresh cut granite does become slightly darker as it ages in the weather. The granite post becoming darker is not covered under this guarantee. The post is not guaranteed if it is struck by anything - not limited to an object, a hand held tool, lawn/garden/landscaping machine/tool with or without wheels or a vehicle of any sort/size.

If the post is hit and falls over it can be lifted and resecured. This is something that can be done by any two people that can lift a heavy weight and not hurt themselves. We will not take responsibility for anyone hurt trying to reset one of our posts. If a post is hit and is damaged or worse, the exact same post can be purchased, and installed in the exact same spot for 30% less than the price listed in this website. (No exceptions.)

The mailbox and mounting bracket are guaranteed for one year against anything other than abuse. A representative from Post Options will evaluate on site and our determination is final. Your bracket is mounted into the granite with stainless steel bolts and the mailbox is heavy gauge cast aluminum, but the guarantee does not cover vandalism, being struck by any object, snow from snowplow or hit by any vehicle.

If the mailbox or mounting bracket is damaged to where one or both need to be replaced, you may purchase either or both and installed on the exact same post for 30% less than the price listed in this website. (No exceptions.)

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